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High Volume Manufacturing

Aethercomm’s design and manufacturing processes are robust and allow us to manufacture tens of thousands of the same product types over the product lifespan that in many cases is up to 15 years.

Our team is expert in designing and producing for high volumes. Over the past 20 years Aethercomm has consistently delivered over 300,000 high power RF amplifier products. In the past 10 years, our high volume manufacturing track record includes 25 projects delivering over 5,000 total units each and five super projects with deliverables of over 40,000 units each. Plus, our high power RF amplifier manufacturing team is geared to deliver on orders that require up to 2,000 complex high power amplifiers per week.   

At Aethercomm we take on the most difficult amplifier manufacturing projects and deliver on-time, every time. Whatever the size of the project, contact our sales department if you need an expert high volume manufacturing partner.

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