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Here at Aethercomm, we know our radio frequency power amplifiers, switches, and other products are critical to mission success and need to survive extended environmental stresses. With this in mind, Aethercomm maintains an in-house, environmental screening lab with both thermal cycling and vibration test capabilities. Every piece of hardware we make is stressed to a certain level based on customer input, contract requirements or our own internal processes, to ensure that we provide a rugged and reliable product for our customers. In addition to our ESS lab, Aethercomm environmenally tests and tunes practices, and employs thermal plates on our standard test benches. Products are typically tested and tuned at specified temperature extremes during the production processes. For high volume operational ESS requirements, Aethercomm also has in-house test automation capabilities.

Below is a sampling of our current environmental testing capabilities. For extended qual testing requirements, Aethercomm has established a supply chain of local, certified Environmental Test houses.

Thermal Chamber Capability
Several 7 Cu Ft, Standard Thermal Chambers from -73 to 175°C with product savers.
Used for Operational Functional Testing & ESS Testing.
7 Cu Ft, LN02 Thermal ESS Test Chambers from -73 to 175°C.
Used for products that require fast temperature transition rates (5 to 10°C/Minute)
7 Cu Ft, Humidity/Thermal Chamber from -73 to 175°C, 10 to 95% RH with recorders and product savers.
Used for limited MIL-STD-810 Humidity Test & Functional Tests.
Several 1.5 Cu Ft, Bench/Floor models Thermal Chambers from -73 to 175°C.
Used for Operational Thermal Functional Testing.
Module level ESS.
3 Cu Ft, Vertical Thermal Shock Chamber from -75 to 190°C
High transition rate PWB/CCA thermal shock/screening (10-25°C/Minute)

Random & Sine Vibration Capability
Large UnHoltz-Dicke Shaker model T208 with over travel protection & slip table, which covers most MIL-STD-810 single (Sine or Random) profile test requirements and customer custom single profile vibration requirements.
Sine Force 3000 lbs pk.
Random Force 2200 lbs rms.
5 Hz to 10000 Hz (random or sine).
½ sine Mechanical Shock Profile capable (~40 G, DUT weight dependent).
Used for Qualification and ESS testing.
Matlab Mechanical Shaker (20Hz to 60Hz).
Reaction type Vibration System.
Large Capacity at Lower Cost Reliability Testing (ESS).
Used mainly for Standard Product Environmental (ESS) Vibration testing.

Other Temperature Controlling Devices
LN02 Hot & Cold Plates (Various sizes).
Used mainly for Device Under Test (DUT) Qualification Temperature tests.
Holds Base Plate or Control Point temperatures to within ± 1.0°C for accurate DUT measurements @ controlled temperatures.
Temperature Range -80 to 175°C.

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