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High Power Broadband SSPA | SSPA 6.0-12.0-100

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Aethercomm Model Number SSPA 6.0-12.0-100 is a Gallium Nitride (GaN), high power SSPA that operates from 6.0 to 12.0 GHz.

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Product Specifications

Aethercomm Model Number SSPA 6.0-12.0-100 is a high power, Gallium Nitride (GaN) solid state power amplifier that operates from 6.0 to 12.0 GHz. It is packaged in an enclosure that is optimized for high altitude operation along with high performance shock and vibration. Nominal output power is 100 watts minimum. Typical small signal gain is 53-55 dB. The composite power added efficiency with a CW input is 14-16% at Pout max. Input VSWR is 1.5:1 maximum and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. This GaN solid state high-power RF amplifier can be blanked on and off in less than 10uSec. Standard features include reverse polarity protection, output short and open circuit protection, and over/under voltage protection. Temperature is monitored and reported by this module along with other health parameters. This pulse power RF amplifier module operates from -40°C to +85°C base plate temperature.

This high power broadband module can be employed in high shock and vibration environments and can be used on board many different types of airborne platforms. The broadband high-power RF amplifier is designed and tested to withstand MIL-STD-810 high shock and vibration requirements. Noise figure at room temperature is <12 dB. and power flatness is ±1 dB. Input power is 0 dBm for rated power. The housing volume is approximately 5″” (w) X 9″” (l) X 2.0″” (h) and the Gallium Nitride power amplifier weighs ~5 lbs. DC and logic connections are accessible via DSUB connectors. The RF output connector is a type N female. Typical transmit test data appears on page two of this data sheet at room temperature. For mounting and heat sink instructions, further test data or operation and logic and pin out requirements, please contact the factory. Aethercomm designs and manufactures high performance, high power CW or pulsed solid state power amplifiers for commercial, military and satellite applications.

  • GaN Technology
  • Operation from 6.0 GHz to 12.0 GHz
  • 100 Watts minimum output powers
  • Composite PAE of ˜ 15% at Pout max
  • 28 Vdc Operation

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