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Note: Review each commodity you are supplying based on the list included, then adhere to the requirements based on each applicable Q code.

Normal Purchases, Government, and Commercial Q Attachments
Aluminum housings, heat sinks, parts Q5, G6, G8, Q7 (review 1st Article Inspection criteria in Form F-099)
Aluminum, Steel, Brass Q5, G6, G6 These codes are for raw mtls. Supplied directly for internal machine shop.
Anodizing Q5, G6, Q17
Bare Printed Circuit Boards Q5, G6, G8, Q17, Q7
Calibration Q16
Capacitors Q5, G6
Chem. Film Q5, G6, Q17
Connectors Q5, G6
Epoxy, Silicon Rubber, Adhesive, Conformal Coating Q5, G6, Q17, Q4
Fasteners Q5, G6, G8, C1
Filters Q5, G6, G8
Flex Printed Circuit Boards Q5, G6, G8
I.C.s Q5, G6
Inductors Q5, G6
Loaded Boards - Outside Contracting Q5, (W1 or W2), G6, G8
Loads Q5, G6, G8
Outside Machining Q5, G6 (add Q6 if machine shop provides material), Q17, G8, C1, Q7 (review 1st Article Inspection criteria in Form F-099)
Packaging Materials Q5, G6
Packaging, Mil-spec. Q5, Q15, G6
Plating, Gold, Etc. Q5, G6, Q17
Regulators Q5, G6
Resistors Q5, G6
Source Control Document Purchases C2, Q5, G6, Q17, W2
Screws Q5, G6, C1
Sheet Metal Parts Q5, C1, G6, G8, C1, Q17
Shelf life Materials Q5, Q4, G6
Silk Screening Q5, G6, Q17
Subcontract assembly and mfg C1, C2, W1/W2, Q3, Q5, G6, Q6, G8, G11, Q17, S1
Switches Q5, G6, G8
Test Equipment, New G4, G6, Q16
Test Equipment, Used G3, G6, Q16
Transistors Q5, G6
Wire Q5, G6
Form #F-143, Rev H
Q Attachment Requirement Details/requirement
C1 Clean, oil free All screws, nuts, washers, standoffs, and other machine parts must be clean & free of oil residue
C2 Configuration Control If the supplier makes any Class 1 (fit, form, or function) or Class 2 (other then clerical) changes they must notify the Aethercomm Quality Manager in writing before the change is implemented. All Class 1 changes require Aethercomm Quality Manager approval. This includes any and all process changes required to build the component being purchased.
I 1 Insurance Carrier shipping insurance is required for shipment of expensive parts
G1 Government Source Inspection Government source inspection required in-process or before final inspection before shipment
P1 Mil-P-55110 All PCB's must be made out of polyemid, and processed per this military specification
R1 ROHS solder Supplier must clearly identify ROHS from non-ROHS product
W1 Workmanship Supplier must meet IPC-610, Class 3 workmanship (specified in PO)
W2 Workmanship Supplier must meet IPC-610, Class 2 workmanship (specified in PO)
Q2 Customer Source Inspection Aethercomm source inspection required in-process or at final inspection before shipment
Q3 Aethercomm Source Inspection This must take place before shipment of product to Aethercomm
G3 Equipment Calibration Equipment must be calibrated in accordance with Mil-Std-45662A or ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1 before shipped to Aethercomm
G4 Certification of Calibration This is only used for new equipment. The manufacturer includes a certification with the shipment that states they certify the equipment meets all manufacturers specifications. This should be a no cost.
Q4 Shelf Life Limited Product must be clearly identified with applicable manufacture & expiration dates. All material must have at least 75% of the storage life remaining upon receipt.
Q4.2 Mil-I-45208A Inspection & Test System must be in place
Q4.1 Mil-Q-9858A Supplier must have a Quality Program Requirements system in place that insures contract requirements will be fulfilled
Q4.4 ISO 9001:2008 Certification Current Certification by an accredited 3rd party required
Q4.5 AS 9100B Certification Current Certification by an accredited 3rd party required
Q5 Standard Certification of Conformance (C of C) This statement must be included with shipment, signed and dated by a company representative. I certify this product meets all purchase order requirements, reference PN(s), quantities, lot #'s, and SN's, if applicable .
G6 Records Records of manufacturing, testing, processing, inspection, packaging, and shipping, shall be retained for a minimum of 7 years. Records shall be made available for review on request.
Q6 Raw Material-Physical and Chemical Analysis Include raw material certifications with shipment that includes a copy of the detailed report of the physical and chemical analysis
Subcontract Assembly and Mfg companies:
  • Fabricated parts (i.e. metal parts) shall be kept on file and available for review within 2 business days
Q6A Packaging-Bag & Tag-Bulk, not sensitive to shipping or handling damage Entire lot must be bagged/boxed, and the bag/box must be identified. Parts must not be co-mingled with different part numbers or different lot numbers
Q6B Packaging-Bag & Tag-Individual, when sensitive to shipping or handling damage Entire lot must be bagged/boxed, and the bag/box must be identified. Parts must not be co-mingled with different part numbers or different lot numbers. Parts must be individually wrapped/segregated to prevent contact with each other.
D7 Non-conformance A system shall be in effect for the control of material nonconforming to drawings, specifications or other purchase order requirements
Q7 First Article required The supplier shall submit a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) that records all inspection measurements and notes on SAE AS9102 form or in Seller’s format. The FAIR shall reference the Purchase Order number and must accompany the FAIR item. Item undergoing FAIR shall be identified as FAIR item prior to shipment. All items/assemblies shall have been manufactured using the same production processes and equipment which will be used in fulfilling the contract. The criteria to perform a FAIR is:
  • Initial fabrication of parts
  • Parts have not been fabricated in two years
  • Engineering drawing has been revised since parts were last fabricated (only delta FAIR is required)
The report includes:
  • Drawing and Actual dimensions of the FAIR
  • Mill report/certifications for raw material, as required
  • Special Process certifications from sub tier suppliers
  • Heat Treat certifications, as required
S1 Subcontract Assembly & Mfg companies – First Article Subcontract Assembly and Mfg:
  • Fabricated parts shall have the documentation used by the sub-tier supplier to verify conformance to the engineering documentation on file in the sub-tier supplier’s format
  • Documentation will consist of the items noted in Flow down Q7 and be made available upon request
  • The criteria to perform a FAIR is the same as Flow down Q7
G8 Use-As-Is and Repair Are not allowed unless customer approval is obtained in advance by a signed waiver.
Q8 Acceptance Test Report Include with each shipment a true copy, signed by a responsible representative of the supplier of the result of the lot or item acceptance tests required by the applicable specification. The report shall indicate the actual values obtained.
Q9 Approved Process Sources Supplier shall use only those approved process sources identified on the purchase order. A certification from the supplier shall be forwarded with each shipment
Q15 Special packaging A specification or instruction will be called out in the Purchase Order for special packaging of material when complete
G11 Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Supplier shall establish procedures to control and eliminate Foreign Object Damage, and contamination throughout their entire processes
Q16 Calibration Method Calibration must meet a minimum of ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1 and AS9100.
This includes:
  • A certificate of calibration shall be delivered to Aethercomm showing the components outlined in ANSI/NCSL Z540.1 paragraph 13 – Certificates and Reports with traceability to reference standards.
  • In the event of an Out-Of-Tolerance condition, the calibration supplier shall notify Aethercomm promptly
  • The supplier shall maintain calibration records for a minimum of 10 years
  • Should repairs be done on a piece of calibrated equipment, the specific repair shall be described by the supplier
  • See purchase order for any additional information
Q17 Secondary Processes Include the Aethercomm P.O. number on all documents relating to secondary processes (plating, machining, etc.).
Subcontract Assembly and Mfg companies - certifications for secondary processes shall be maintained on file and available upon request.
Form #F-099-Rev L
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