Products Modules TR 0.42-0.45-100

Aethercomm Model Number TR 0.42-0.45-100 is a high power, gallium nitride (GaN), transmit/receive module employed to transmit high power pulsed or CW waveforms from 420 to 450 MHz. This transceiver is ideal for UHF radar applications. The transmit section of this module consists of GaN devices used for RF amplification. The transmitter delivers a nominal value of 49dBm if both antenna outputs were combined. There are two antenna ports for orthogonal polarization. An internal transfer switch is utilized to switch antennas with an integral 90 degree phase shift between these two ports. The Tx section offers 46.5dB minimum of small signal gain with a 10dB maximum noise figure. Transmit harmonics are -60dBc maximum. The small signal gain flatness is ±0.75dB typical.

The internal receive path consists of a circulator and a 100 watt CW limiter. The Rx path loss is 1.5dB maximum. All port VSWR's are 1.5:1 maximum. This T/R module operates from three applied DC voltages: 50Vdc, +12.7Vdc and -12.7Vdc. This unit operates in harsh environments with a base plate temperature of -40C to +85C. It is employed on aircraft platforms and operates up to 50K feet. This module is packaged in a modular housing with SMA RF connectors on all ports. DC command and control voltages are applied via a DSUB connector. The housing size is 7.00" width, 8.00" length and 1.75" height. More specific information should be obtained by contacting the factory.

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  • Gallium Nitride Broadband Power Amplifier Section
  • Operation from 420 MHz to 450 MHz min
  • Small Signal Gain 46.5 dB min
  • 10 uSec Rx to Tx and Tx to Rx Switching Time
  • Internal Transfer Switch
Low Frequency420 MHz
High Frequency450 MHz
Transmit Power100 watts typ

Download the PDF Product Data Sheet for TR 0.42-0.45-100.

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