Products Modules SSPA 1.75-2.12-100

This data sheet is an example of a high power microwave system designed, fabricated and characterized by Aethercomm. This system operates at L and S bands and incorporates redundant high power transmitters and AC/DC converters. The system is controlled via a microprocessor with commands supplied via the host computer. This high power assembly is employed at Edwards Air Force base and is used to communicate with fighter and attack aircraft, UAV's and the Space Shuttle.

The complete assembly is packaged in an EMI enclosure. The transmit section is fully redundant and each path consists of two phased and amplitude matched PA's that deliver 200 watts of RF energy to the antenna. There is no receive circuitry in this system. The output is fully protected from an infinite VSWR at the antenna port. The AC/DC converters operate from a 120VAC, 60 Hz, single phase power. This circuitry is also redundant for a high system MTBF. All commands to control this assembly utilize a microprocessor assembly inside this unit. This internal microprocessor assembly also monitors the health of the internal LRU's and reports such items as forward and reflected power to the host platform.

This high power amplifier assembly is approximately 30 inches in width with the integral heat sinks, 30 inches in height and 13 inches in depth. Both TX input and output connections are type N female connectors. AC and command/control inputs and outputs are mil-circular connectors. The entire assembly is cooled with fins on the sides of the enclosure. The weight of the entire assembly is 50 pounds typically.

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  • L/S Band High Power Amplifier System
  • Redundant Amplification Sections
  • Redundant AC/DC Converter Sections
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Multiple System Level BIT Indicators
Low Frequency1750 MHz
High Frequency2120 MHz
Small Signal Gain50 dBm typ
P1db53 dBm typ
Psat53 dBm typ

Download the PDF Product Data Sheet for SSPA 1.75-2.12-100.

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