Products Modules SSPA 9.0-9.2-200

This is an example of a high power microwave system designed, fabricated and characterized by Aethercomm. This high power microwave transmitter operates at X band and incorporates a high power transmitter, a low noise receiver, a DC-DC conversion module and BIT and LRU interface module. The complete assembly is packaged in an EMI enclosure. The transmitter consists of redundant driver amplifiers with power splitting that drives four high power, phase and amplitude matched final amplifiers. The output of these amplifiers is recombined and than routed to waveguide. The waveguide components include filters, directional couplers, waveguide switches and circulators. The receive and transmit functions are isolated with a circulator at the front-end. The receive section contains a high power limiter to protect the LNA, a high speed RF switch to per form internal Rx test functions and redundant low noise amplification sections. The DC-DC converter module accepts +15Vdc and -15Vdc and conditions, regulates and switches these voltages when commanded. The BIT and LRU interface module accepts commands from the host computer and commands and controls the other modules to perform their specified operations. This module also monitors the health of the entire system and the individual modules and reports this to the system. The X Band transmitter, receiver and the DC-DC conversion modules are fully redundant to increase the system MTBF. This X band high power transmitter front end assembly is 26 inches in width, 32 inches in height and 12.5 inches in depth. The bi-directional input port is a waveguide connector for direct connection to the system antenna. The transmitter input connections are redundant Tx exciter inputs. DC and command/control inputs and outputs are mil-circular connectors. The entire assembly is air cooled with fins on the backside of the enclosure.

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  • X Band Front End Assembly (XBFEA)
  • 200 Watts Peak Output Power
  • Low Noise Figure Receiver
  • System Level Fault Isolation
  • LRU Level Fault Isolation
Low Frequency9000 MHz
High Frequency9200 MHz
P1db23 dBm typ
Psat50 dBm typ
Oip333 dBm typ

Download the PDF Product Data Sheet for SSPA 9.0-9.2-200.

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