Products Modules SSPA 6.0-18.0-50-RM

Aethercomm Model Number SSPA 6.0-18.0-50- RM is a high power, rack mounted, RF amplifier that operates from 6000 MHz to 18000 MHz mini- mum and is packaged in a rugged and rack mounted enclosure. This amplifier is in a 4u height, 19” rack. Typical output power is greater than 40- 50 watts up to 11.0 GHz at P3dB. Greater than 11 GHz and up to 18 GHz, the power falls off to approximately 20 watts. Nominal input power lev- els are +5.0 to +6.0 dBm. Input and Output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. Standard features include out- put short and open circuit protection and over/under voltage protection. This rack mounted RF amplifier operates from a +120 Vac. This unit typically operates in a laboratory environment. Temperature control is done with two fans that are integral with this rack mounted system.

Standard rack mount size is 19.0” (w) by 22.0” (d) by 7.0” (h). An SMA female connector is standard on the RF input connector. The input and output RF connector is Type SMA female. There is an RF Sample port that contains a directional coupler that has a coupled value of 20-30 dB and this is also available via an SMA female connector. The AC input cord is delivered with this unit. There is an LED on the front panel that displays when the unit is on and operational. There is also a programming port on the front panel that can be used to enable and disable the rack mounted amplifier system. Typical test data appears on page two of this data sheet at room temperature. For further test data or opera- tion and logic and pin out requirements, please contact the factory.

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  • Gallium Nitride Technology
  • Operation across 6000 to 18000 MHz Minimum
  • Rugged Rack Mount
  • 25-50 Watts Typical Output Power
  • 120 Vac Operation
  • 25 uSec Turn On/Off Gating Times
Low Frequency6000 MHz
High Frequency18000 MHz
Output Power50 watts typ
Short ProtectionYes
Over ProtectionYes

Download the PDF Product Data Sheet for SSPA 6.0-18.0-50-RM.

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