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Since 1999, Aethercomm has delivered over 125,000 RF amplifiers. Most of these amplifiers are combat proven and operate in the harshest environments on earth. The operating base plate temperatures of these units are consistently over 90C. Our robust RF power amplifiers have outstanding operational MTBF's.

Aethercomm builds one, one hundred or multi-thousands of our own designs. We typically ship 1500 amplifier modules per week of different model numbers. Aethercomm offers build-to-print services for our customers.

The high volume manufacturing starts with a robust design that is centered, repeatable and able to be produced in large quantities. Our engineers are expert in designing for high volume. The manufacturing comes next. We pick and place the circuit boards to ensure the throughput required. We automate as much of the assembly as possible. Next, all the testing is automated to ensure repeatable measurements. The hardware is then stressed through some level of ESS testing. Then a final acceptance test is performed and then it is packaged and shipped. Our process is proven, robust, cost effective and ensures on time delivery.

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